How to remove the heating element from a Keurig

Ok, so my 2 year-old daughter is my absolute world…

… which means some would say she is spoiled, but I’m going to say she’s loved.

I am very frugal, and I frugally buy her everything I think she would like. Most of the stuff I buy her because she is my mini-me…

I often buy her miniature versions of things I have, so we can do things separately whilst together.

Anywho, I bought her a new kitchen at a thrift-store last week. It’s freaking awesome. I’m remodeling it into exactly what I know she will love… I’m putting burner decals on it to make a stove, Ive already got a microwave, a water dispenser, and a cash register (for visitors, her food is 5 star, well worth the price). The microwave doesn’t work to her expectations, so I purchased a new one off eBay for a couple dollars.

Then I realized:

  • Mommy loves coffee…
  • Alyssa loves her Ovaltine (formally known as coffee)…
  • she needs a coffee maker. So I ordered a coffee maker off eBay for a few dollars.

But mommy has a top of the line Keurig. *rolls eyes*. A cheapo coffee pot isn’t acceptable for my Princess Pipsqueak. After hours of researching toy single serve coffee makers with no success finding what she (and by she, I mean ‘I’) wanted, I decided that I was going to have to hack a Keurig mini to brew cold water so she could have a fancy coffee maker.

So I Googled “how to remove a heating element from a Keurig”.

I spent a good 45 minutes trying to figure out how I could reconstruct a Keurig Mini for my daughter, and after realizing this was a very complicated procedure, I decided that I was completely ok with a Tassimo single serve toy coffee maker.

Then my frugal butt saw a used one on Amazon for like $15 bucks. *sold!!!!*

I would pay about $10 for an old Keurig Mini, and if I billed myself an hour of minimum wage on the Keurig mini reconstruction, buying the said Tassimo was a better deal.

It’s not the same brand, but I will probably place Keurig stickers on it because I’m weird like that.

Theo Klein Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker

She’s not spoiled, she’s loved.

So, that’s what I Googled. Thanks for checking out my first blog about my Googley life 🙂 stop back soon.



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  2. Paul Wilkerson · January 22

    Perfect slogan. Not spoiled but loved. Even if she was spoiled, and I’m not suggesting she is But if she was, she is worth it. But she’s not spoiled but loved.

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